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  • Pulling capacity outstanding among the
    same-class models; easy forward/backward
    transmission and speed change with one hand.
  • Versatile, multi-
    functional PX series tractors ideal for
    domestic farming conditions
  • 과수원
  • 비닐하우스
  • 논농사Rice-
  • 밭농사
  • 축사stock-


  • PX9020 : 89hp
  • PX1002 : 99hp
  • PX9520PC/PX1002C/PX1002PC : 99hp
  • PX9020PC : 89hp


Large scale work with large scale force

Ideal for barns and large scale rice farming

Front side Port/Joystick

6 front side hydraulic ports for convenient mount-
ing; 3 plain line joystick essential for pick-up works

Best Pulling Capacity

More rigid mission than those of other
same-class tractors; a sense of weight that
reflects the best pulling capacity

External Lift Switch

The separate lift switch makes mounting/dis-
mounting easy

Forward/backward Power Shuttle

Power shuttle lever for forward/backward trans-
mission without stepping on the clutch (either
power shuttle or mechanical shuttle depending on
the working condition or the user's preference)

Power shuttle reaction speed setting dial

The sensitivity controlling function adjusts the
reaction speed, either low or high, depending on
the operator's preference.

Hi-Low (32x32 gears) and hand clutch applied

Transmission upgrade makes smooth transmis-
sion of 32X32 gears; hand clutch function with no
need to step on the foot clutch

Optimizing the internal/external design

Thorough consideration of an operator's convenience

  • 360° View SecuredHighly functional projection head
    lamp and hood; variable work light
    whose lamp directions at both sides
    are adjustable; less fatigue to eyes
    even in nighttime work with the
    work stability secured

  • Wipers at the BottomWith the wiper below the front wind
    shield, foreign substances can be
    easily removed during the work
    process. Even in a rainy day, the
    work can continue stably.

  • Audio AntennaWith the stereo audio antenna
    located near the cabin side, damage
    to the antenna during a work is

  • Large Capacity Fuel TankThe lock device prevents fuel rob-
    bery or oil leak.
    120ℓ large capacity fuel tank makes
    a long time work possible.

Better work efficiency and convenience

Electronic control and automation

The following is about electronic control functions for better work efficiency: Horizontal
control, automatic towing/metacenter control, up & downswing/turn-up/backup functions,
and AUTO PT0.

The following is about automation functions for better work convenience: PTO cruise func-
tion, HMS function, escort function, etc

Practical and complete tractor performance

Practical PX of low prices but the same performance



Classification PX9020 PX9020PC PX1002 PX9520PC/PX1002C/PX1002PC
Engine HP(ps)(kw) 89 89 99 99
Type Name 1104C-44TTG 1104C-44TTG 1104C-44TTTG 1104C-44TTTG
Engine Output (PS/rpm) 89/2,200 89/2,200 99/2,200 99/2,200
Displacement (cc) 4,399 4,399 4,399 4,399
Fuel tank capacity(ℓ) 120 120 120 120
Drivetrain Gear shift 16FX16R 16FX16R 16FX16R 32FX32R
Front tire (inch) 12.4-24, 8PR 12.4-24, 8PR 12.4-24, 8PR 12.4-24, 8PR
Rear tire (inch) 18.4-30, 8PR 18.4-34, 8PR 18.4-34, 8PR 18.4-34, 8PR
Dimension length (mm) 4,535 4,535 4,535 4,535
width (mm) 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
Height (mm) 2,950 2,770 2,950 2,770
Wheelbase (mm) 2,305 2,305 2,305 2,305
Min. ground clearance (mm) 475 495 495 495
Weight (kg) 3,485 3,630 3,500 3,630
PTO PTO type Independent Independent Independent Independent
PTO revolution 540/750/1000 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
Hydraulic outlet Rear4 Front4 Rear4 Front4 Rear4 Front4 Rear4


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000 won (as of Jan. 1, 2015) / List of prices
Standard Format Name Prices for Farmers Prices for Common People
(Surtax included)
Price Loan
80hp Cap type PX800C 56,400 45,120 62,040
Cap type (electronic control+Power) PX800PSC 62,900 47,130 69,190
90hp Cap type PX900C 61,400 49,120 67,540
Cap type(electronic control+Power) PX900PSC 67,900 51,770 74,690
practical (economy) type PX900VC 52,900 42,320 58,190
100hp Cap type PX1000C 65,900 52,030 72,490
Cap type(electronic control+Power) PX1000PSC 72,400 52,030 79,640
practical (economy) type PX1000VC 57,400 45,920 63,140
110hp Cap type PX1100C 69,900 52,030 76,890
Cap type(electronic control+Power) PX1100PSC 76,400 52,030 84,040
Cap type(electronic control+Power) PX1100PSCN 76,100 52,030 83,710