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  • Highest traction in its class combined with one-handed switching of speed and direction with its massive power for massive jobs,
  • The new PX series is
    a masterpiece in the world of large tractors
  • 과수원
  • 비닐하우스
  • 논농사Rice-
  • 밭농사
  • 축사Stock-
  • 귀농귀촌


  • PX9530 : 90hp
  • PX1053 : 100hp
  • PX1153 : 110hp


Strength: Its tremendous strength makes every task easier

Excellent lifting power

With its external lifting cylinder, the outstanding lifting power of the three-point hitch is able to lift even heavy implements

Greater traction

150mm larger treads compared to previous models with increased safety and traction while maintaining the sturdy transmissionand heavy weight of the PX series

12 hydraulic ports

The most hydraulic ports in its class with 6 front and 6 back ports, plus a three-function joystick necessary for various lifting tasks

Endurance : Saves on maintenance costs by consuming less fuel without decreasing operation time

'Monitor5' realtime fuel consumption monitoring function notifies you of the amount of fuel consumed by the tractor
Reduces gas expenses by minimizing the amount of fuel needed for working conditions

Control : Enjoy working with realtime tractor management.

Operating force : Freely operate the vehicle

Prevents vehicle contamination from foreign substances, such as dirt and water, while working by enabling you to switch the fender to suit the size of the rear-wheel tires Minimizes minor malfunctions by keeping the vehicle clean and free of contaminants

Hi-Low (32X32 speeds) and hand-operated clutch

Hand-operated clutch button provides smooth speed changing and allows you to change gears without using a clutch pedal

Improved PTO performance for increased work efficiency

- Reduced PTO operating noise and shock help to alleviate work fatigue
- Increased PTO response speed and reduced load for efficient work

Increased steering angle

44° front-wheel steering angle allows smooth and quick turning

Equipped with the automated Take 5 function

  1. 1. PTO cruise function
  2. 2. HMS function (work state saving function)
  3. 3. Instantaneous RPM decreasing function when steering
  4. 4. Escort function
  5. 5. Torque compensation

Forward-backward power shuttle

Equipped with a power shuttle which enables forward-backward switching without a clutch pedal (the shuttle is optional depending on your working environment and preferences)

Dial for setting power shuttle response speed

Adjust the joint response speed between high and low response speedsto work habits when switching between forward-backward with the power shuttle

External lift switch for conveniently attaching and detaching implements

The external lift switch makes attaching and detaching implements more convenient and cuts down on working time

The following is the description of the automated functions which enhance working convenience. They are as follows: the PTO cruise function, HMS function, instantaneous RPM decreasing function when steering, escort function, and torque compensation.

Visibility : 360° field of vision to make working easier

Equipped with backup camera(optional)

Improved rear visibility and easier checking of plough or rotary working state

15° rotating seat

Suspension seat which can rotate 15° left and right
Wide-angle field of vision for easily checking on the state of work

High-performance working lights

Equipped with a front-end, high-luminance LED lamp and increased number of rear working lights
Makes working easier even at night with a bright and wide field of vision

Telescopic Mirror

Adjustable telescopic mirror makes it easy to check on large implements



제품모델 dk450 dk450hs,dk500,dk500hs,dk550,dk550hs 의 부위별 엔진부,주행부,본기부,유압/3점부등으로 구분한 스팩리스트
Classification PX9530 PX1053 PX1153
Engine HP(ps)(kw) D34 100 110
Type Name D34 D34 D34
Engine Output (PS/rpm) 93/2,200 103/2,200 110/2,200
Displacement (cc) 3,400 3,400 3,400
Fuel tank capacity(ℓ) 130 130 130
Drivetrain Gear shift F16XR16/F32XR32 F16XR16/F32XR32 F16XR16/F32XR32
Front tire (inch) 12.4-24 13.6-24 13.6-24
Rear tire (inch) 16.9-34 18.4-34 18.4-34
Dimension length (mm) 4,671 4,671 4,671
width (mm) 2,150 2,170 2,170
Height (mm) 2,740 2,770 2,770
Wheelbase (mm) 2,370 2,370 2,370
Min. ground clearance (mm) 475 495 495
Weight (kg) 3,615 3,670 3,670
PTO PTO type Independent Independent Independent
PTO revolution 540/750/1,000 540/750/1,000 540/750/1,000
Hydraulic outlet Front6 Rear6 Front6 Rear6 Front6 Rear6


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000 won (as of Jan. 1, 2015)
트렉터가격표의 가격및규격(구동)(경폭)(적용),형식명,농업인가격,일반인가격의 항목이 보여집니다.
Standard Format Name Prices for Farmers Prices for Common People
(Surtax included)
Prices Loan
캡형 PX850 63,000 47,130 69,300
완전캐빈+전자유압 PX850SC 70,500 47,130 77,550
완전캐빈+전자유압+파워셔틀 PX850PSC 74,500 47,130 81,950
95마력 PX950 68,000 51,770 83,050
완전캐빈+전자유압 PX900PSC 67,900 51,770 83,050
PX950SC+파워셔틀 PX950PSC 79,500 51,770 87,450
PX950+캐빈 PX950VC 64,500 51,600 70,950
105마력 PX1050 72,500 52,030 79,750
완전캐빈+전자유압 PX1050SC 80,000 52,030 88,000
PX1050SC+파워셔틀 PX1050PSC 84,000 52,030 92,400
PX1050+캐빈 PX1050VC 69,000 52,030 75,900
115마력 PX1150 76,500 52,030 84,150
완전캐빈+전자유압 PX1150SC 84,000 52,030 92,400
PX1100SC+파워셔틀 PX1150PSC 88,000 52,030 96,800