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  • It is
    unobtrusive and soft on any offroad.

  • Multipurpose Car Carrier
    Micron 2450 Born to Rough Place

Micron Diesel Lineup

  • Macron 2450: 24 hp


Stylish design

Stylish and stable appearance, ergonomic interior design

LED-type front taillight, direction indicator

Largest 37ℓ large capacity fuel tank

Double wishbone suspension with excellent structure, steering and straightness

Cigar jack and USB port that can be connected to other devices

Cup holder for user convenience

Durability urethane coating load (optional)

Ergonomic lever position for easy operation

Working machine

Snow Blade



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Product model dk450 Specification list divided into engine part, driving part, main part, hydraulic / 3 point part of each part of dk450hs, dk500, dk500hs, dk550, dk550hs
division Mecklon 2450
engine Model -
form 3C100LWU-D2
Gross HP (kw) / RPM (RPM) 17.9 / 3,000
Maximum torque (kgf · m) / revolutions (RPM) 61 / 2,300
Displacement (cc) 1.007
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 37
Gas size Total length X Overall width X Overall height (mm) 3,045X1,590X1,950
Weight (kg) 930
Maximum traction load kg -
Driving device Shift method Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Speed ​​change stage LHNR
Maximum driving speed (km / h) 30 (for agricultural use) / 50
Loading Total length X Overall width X Overall height (mm) 1,110X1,480, X293
Loading weight (kg) 500
tire Front wheel 25X10-12
Rear wheel 25X10-12


It is price information of Daedong industrial product.

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  • 종합가격표


농용동력운반차 가격표의 기종 및 규격,형식명,가격의 항목이 보여집니다.
형식명 규격 가격
MECHRON250 산업용 60km/h, 80kg 4,510
MECHRON500 산업용 65km/h, 200kg 8,910
MECHRON500L 가솔린 8,910


농용동력운반차 가격표의 기종 및 규격,형식명,농업인가격,일반인가격의 항목이 보여집니다.
형식명 규격 가격
U2105-GA10A 캐노피(MECHRON250용) 143
U2105-GA75A 윈치(2500LBS)(MECHRON250용) 330
U2105-GA70A 윈드실드(MECHRON250용) 242
U2105-GA78A 사이드미러(MECHRON250용) 154
U2005-GA10A 캐노피(MECHRON500용) 143
U2005-GA75A 윈치(2500LBS)(MECHRON500용) 330
U2005-GA70A 윈드실드(MECHRON500용) 319
U2005-GA80A 덤핑파워팩(MECHRON500용) 847
U2005-GA72A 히치볼(MECHRON500용) 33
U2005-GA47A 스티어링(EPS)(MECHRON500용) 968
U2005-GA20A 스노우트랙(MECHRON500용) 4,840
U2005-GA30A 스노우플로우(1.52m)(MECRON500용) 594
U2005-GA35A 카모(MECHRON500용) 176
TSB720R 제설블레이드(디젤용) 2,904