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Controlling Drones

  • Smart start of agricultural management
  • More precise and reliable
    intelligent agricultural dragon
    MG-1S / MG-1



Powerful workability

Precision injection system

  • Two injection pumps control the front and rear nozzles separately, allowing three modes: front, rear, and full injection
  • Real-time monitoring of pressure sensor and flow sensor for effective control of injection speed and injection quantity
  • Increased work efficiency by using the downward air pressure more effectively with the long injection device and nozzle

DJI Agricultural Management Platform

  • Leverages platform to manage gas and personnel and manage work situation in planned area efficiently
  • Increase work efficiency and reduce cost by allowing all pilots to avoid duplication when participating in the platform

Intelligent flight battery

  • 24 hours hovering with 12,000mAh battery capacity, remaining amount confirmed with LED level meter
  • High-strength surface protection case, impact reduction device, separate cable protection device
  • Stable voltage supply extends life

Stable controllability

A3 flight control system

  • Optimized flight control algorithm with latest technology
  • Redundant system (dual barometer and two compasses) for safe flight in the event of a sensor failure
  • Fly-free flight even when the liquid floats

High-precision anti-collision radar module

  • Maintains safety distance according to flight direction and gas gradient, preventing front and rear collision
  • Detect minute obstacles within the range of 1.5m to 30m, automatically stop in front of the obstacle, hover
  • Can be safely controlled even in harsh environments where light, dust, fog, etc. are limited in front view

Radar Detection System

Three high-precision millimeter-wave radar to detect terrain changes in real time and automatically adjust altitude

Easy operation

Remote controller for control only

  • Equipped with high-definition 5.5-inch display panels
  • Built-in work scheduling system enables efficient work design
  • Operator Use 5 hours for one charge of battery

MG Intelligent Work Planning System

  • By setting the injection amount per area with the injection parameter interlocking design, it automatically calculates the set value and establishes the flight path
  • Depending on the work environment, two modes are possible: high efficiency and concentrated injection.

Outstanding maintainability

Maintenance-optimized structure

  • Reduced maintenance costs with removable frame arm and optimized landing gear
  • Liquid injection port on the side of the main body and injection pump above the liquid container, respectively,

Moisture barrier protects key components

Waterproof film is added to Electronic Speed ​​Control (ESC), which is a core component, to protect it from moisture.


Amazing evolution of control work
Fast, convenient and safe agricultural drones

Powerful workability

40 ~ 60 times workforce

  • Take a maximum of 10kg of medicine into a 10ℓ container and take off, spraying 4,000 ~ 6,000㎡ in 10 minutes
  • 40 ~ 60 times more than human hand work, 26,000 ~ 40,000㎡ work capacity per hour

Liquid tank with maximum capacity of 10 liters

Pharmaceutical supplement convenient structure
baffle design to prevent chulreongim
high-performance pump motor (up 4ℓ / min)

Precision injection system

  • Ceramic nozzle with excellent abrasion resistance can be changed variously according to the condition of medicine
  • Using the descending air current of the rotor, evenly spraying on the stem, roots and leaves of the crops
  • Control function suitable for pharmaceutical characteristics and crop type in conjunction with precision control motor pump

Four interchangeable spray nozzles

    Injection capacity: 0.5ℓ per nozzle /
    injection width per minute : 4 ~ 6m (1.5 ~ 3m on crop)

Stable controllability

  • Smart control system

    • • Maintain a constant injection quantity automatically according to the user-set airspeed and injection speed
    • • Increased economic efficiency by preventing pollution of soil caused by overuse of chemicals and waste of medicine

    Automatic terrain recognition

    Scanning real-time terrain with precise radar and flight control system for optimal spraying

    • Advanced radar altitude sensor

      Height and distance from crops It
      is easier and safer to work than cm-unit measurement

  • Smart memory

    • • When the medicine is exhausted,
    • • Flight Coordinate Information memory function that stores the drug injection stop point
    • • Improved work efficiency by protecting system internal memory for a certain period even when power is turned off

Outstanding reliability

  • 8-axis power system

    Even if the motor of one arm breaks down, normally safe landing is possible.

  • Internal circulation cooling system

    • • Intake port equipped with three-stage filtration system to
           block pollutants such as water droplets and dust
    • • Effective cooling of electronic systems and motors
          enables long-time stable operation (3 times longer motor life)

Exceptional Portability

  • Using high strength carbon fiber

    Gas frame and arm are made of low-weight,
    high-strength carbon fiber to
    improve working efficiency and gas stability

  • Portable foldable design

    • • Y-shaped foldable arm can be installed without tools
    • • Foldable arms and nozzles can be compactly folded
          for easy movement and storage
  • Folding propellers

    High strength plastic / 58g ultra light

Y type foldable arm / High strength carbon fiber

Depth x Width x Height

Easy operation

Ultra-long distance remote controller

  • DJI
    Real-time communication control with the latest technology 'Light Bridge 2'
  • Joystick cover
    prevents dirt and liquid inflow from outdoors
  • Anti-glare display panel for
    real-time flight and task information display in the open
  • Low-power design improves battery life and durability for
    extended use

Convenient operation mode

Three flight modes can be selected depending on terrain conditions and type of work

  • Smart Work Mode (S):
    Plan and route your flight with intuitive commands
  • Semi-automatic operation mode (M +):
    Easy operation in irregular terrain
  • Manual operation mode (M): The
    pilot operates the aircraft

product composition

AGRAS MG-1 (including controller) + MG Intelligent charger + MG 12000 battery 4 pack



Product Download

Product Model MG-1S / MG-1 Specification
division MG-1S MG-1
frame Diagonal motor distance (mm) 1,520 1,520
Folding arm length (mm) 625 625
When you spread your arms (mm) 1,471X1,471X482 1,471X1,471X482
When the arm is folded (mm) 780X780X482 780X780X482
Propulsion device motor KV value (rpm / V) 130 130
Maximum power (w) 770 770
Weight (g) 280 280
Injection device Working container Capacity (L) 9.5 10
Standard payload (excluding batteries) (kg) 9.5 10
Nozzle Quantity () 4 4
Spraying width (m) 4 to 6 4 to 6
Flight specification Total weight (kg) 9.8 8.8
Standard Loading Weight (kg) 23.8 22.5
Maximum power consumption (w) 6,400 6,400
Hovering power consumption (w) 3,800 3,250
Maximum flight speed (m / s) 15 22
Recommended operating temperature (℃) 0 to 40 0 to 40
Manipulator Operating Frequency (GHz) 2,400 to 2,483 2,400 to 2,483
Effective signal range (km) One 3
Operating Power (w) 7 9


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