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  • Multi-purpose transport vehicle Mechron
    2230SHW/2240SHW that feature the power of
    diesel engines, outstanding durability, and


  • MEC2230SHW : 22hp
  • MEC2240SHW : 22hp


Appropriate for multi-purpose works

Various works can be performed at the same time by using the hydraulic, loading/dumping functions

Snow-removing work

Snow blade foreasy snow-removing work; the
hydraulic system makes possible
up/down/left/right blade tilting works

Trimming/cutting work

When a hydraulic saw is connected, trimming
and cutting works are possible too

Loading/dumping work

Max. 500kg (MEC2230SHW) cargo can be
loaded in the cargo bed hydraulic dumping
function; easy cargo loading/unloading in vari
ous places such as farmland, construction site,
camping facility, etc.

Appropriate for outdoor driving

Multi-purpose delivery vehicle advantageous in rough environments

Suspension system

4WD independent suspension system creates
excellent ride quality in various areas such as
plain, mountain, heavy snowfall region, etc.

Wind shield/wiper

Wind shield/wiper to protect the driver safely
from blizzard, sand, etc.

Easy manipulation

Steering method same with that of automo
biles; ergonomical design of the lever and com
pact gauge


Differential fixing lever and 2-wheel
/4-wheel driving options for stable driving in on rough


3-cylinder engine that maximizes fuel efficiency

Safety device

Safety belt, handles and breakaway preventing
devices in various spots for the driver's safety

Convenience items

Convenience items for better work efficiency

Left/right cup holders for comfortable work

Sufficient storage space for various devices

MEC2240SHW provides unique, special storage
space under the seat



Classification MEC2230SHW MEC2240SHW
Engine Model 3C100LWU 3C100LWU
Format 3-cylinder diesel engine 3-cylinder diesel engine
Gross HP(kw)/RPM 22(16.4) / 2,800 22(16.4) / 2,800
Max. Torque(kgf?m)/RPM 6.74 / 1,900 6.74 / 1,900
Displacement (cc) 1,007 1,007
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 28 28
Body size LengthXWidthXHeight(mm) 3,250X1,543X1,940 3,725X1,543X1,940
Weight (kg) 890 901
Max. pulling load kg 590 590
Driving device Transmission method CVT CVT
No. of transmission steps L, H, N, R L, H, N, R
Max. driving speed (km/h) 40 40
Cargo box LengthXWidthXHeight (mm) 1,280X1,427X293 980X1,427X293
Loading weight (kg) 500 300
Tire Front wheel 25X10-12 25X10-12
Rear wheel 25X10-12 25X10-12


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000 won (as of Jan. 1, 2015)
Model & Standard Format Price for farmers Price for common people
(Surtex included)
Price Loan
Main Body 30km/h, hydraulic system MECHRON2230L 12,000 9,600 13,200
30km/h, hydraulic+power steering wheel MECHRON2230L 13,100 10,440 14,410
40km/h power steering wheel MEC2230SHW Loan and zero tax rate not applicable 13,420
40km/h, hydraulic + power steering wheel MECHRON2230H 14,630
2-row seats MECHRON2240H 15,510
Snow-removing blade TSB720R Loan and zero tax rate not applicable 2,640