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  • Mock posture is well spaced
  • Each grab on the
    rice paddy 8
    crops ERP80D
  • orchard
  • plastic house
  • Rice fieldRice field
  • Field farming
  • Barn
  • Urban type

ERP series lineup

  • ERP 80D (Diesel): Water-cooled three-cylinder diesel


Take a "total stance"

In any rice field, the 'balance' is 'caught'

Powerful 22 horsepower diesel engine

Water-cooled 3-cylinder 22 horsepower diesel engine is installed.

More precise horizontal control system

Analyzes and reflects customer feedback and migration results obtained through many years of migration work, and improves with more precise and delicate horizontal control

Apply front wheel independent suspension

  • Maintaining a constant sikbu point for any working conditions
    achieve high precision sikbu
  • Reduces primary absorption shock by vibration caused by unevenness on the ground
    , provides excellent ride comfort, and minimizes long working time

Turn-up and backup basic mounting

Automatically lift and
move when pivoted and retracted to speed up movement and work

95mm wide front wheel application

Four wheels are always grounded on the rice paddy
, showing excellent straightness and traction, and improving wet-moving ability

Application of new flattening device

Light weighted flattening device is applied to
improve weight and weight

Application of new rotary transfer arm

  • Improved structure to improve durability
  • News transfer, improvement of performance and work efficiency

Increase distance between axes

Increase the distance between the front and rear wheels by 140mm compared with the six groups to improve the pumping machine
gas balance

Catch 'safety' and 'durability'

We spend a long time without the 'hold' balance of the safety and expectation of the worker's durability

Applying the folding tower

Moving from the 8th to the 7th floor of the mausoleum tower and moving it up
and down.

High durability body and powertrain

Prolonged testing in worst wet conditions Designed to withstand high weight

  • 300mm extended footrest adopted

    Enlarge footrest to allow workers to easily and comfortably get up and down

  • Adopt safety bar

    Prevents worker's fallout from falling
    and provides stability and comfort

  • Apply electric motor type marker

    Work faster with faster work

  • Application of robust migration system

    Improved durability and
    optimized migration performance with robust design

Take convenience

Enjoy 'comfort' in various comfort features



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Product model dk450 Specification list divided into engine part, driving part, main part, hydraulic / 3 point part of each part of dk450hs, dk500, dk500hs, dk550, dk550hs
Item Details ERP80D
Mounted engine Nominal horsepower (PS) 22
designation 3C100
form Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel
Maximum output / revolution (kW / rpm) 16.4 / 2,800
Displacement (cc) 1,007
Fuel Consumption Rate (g / kWh) 275
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 40
Location of oil supply Beneath the chair (upward position)
Specifications Length x Width x Height (mm) 3,520 x 2,900 x 2,300
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 430
Weight (kg, no load) 900
Driving section Speed ​​change stage 2nd forward, 1st reverse
Unstable HST Shift
Operation speed (㎧) 1.75
Front wheel x rear wheel diameter (mm) 650 × 950
Number of rear lug / size (mm) 11EA, 150 x 100
Medium foot width (mm) 2,000
Organization Peripheral operating method (pedal, lever) Pedal + lever
Each set lever position Back step
Instrument panel system LCD
Display items Symbol display, parent alarm, error display, time
Symbol type LED
automation Rise of turning
Rise backward
Monitor self-diagnosis
Depth of car body depth
Replacement alarm
Maca automatic device
Work performance Depth of car body depth
Option Extension reserve support combination


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형식명 규격 농업인 가격 일반인가격
가격 융자
DP488 4조 보행 3,500 2,620 3,850
DUO60V 6조, 실속형 16,000 12,800 17,600
ERP60 6조, 가솔린 19,200 15,360 21,120
ERP60Z ERP60+균평장치 20,600 16,480 22,660
ERP60F ERP60+측조시비기 23,200 16,960 25,520
ERP60ZF ERP60 + leveling device + 24,600 16,960 27,060
ERP60D 6 sets, diesel 21,700 16,960 23,870
ERP60DZ ERP60D + leveling device 23,100 16,960 25,410
ERP60DF ERP60D + side shutoff 25,700 16,960 28,270
ERP60DZF ERP60D + flattening device + side shutoff 27,100 16,960 29,810
FD6 Group 6, side-by-side clearance 4,000 3,200 4,400
TMD-70A 6 sets, drug spreader (rear spraying) 1,400 1,120 1,540
JEFO-8 Group 8, chemical sprayer (rear spraying) 1,200 960 1,320
BDR-K6 Pharmaceutical Spreader (Mausoleum Tower) 1,500 1,200 1,650