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  • Powerful diesel engine for
    fast and upright rice-planting.
  • ERP60 series rice
    trans-planter. There is
    no need to look back!
  • Rice Farming


  • ERP 60DS : Water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • ERP 60S : Water-cooled 2-cylinder OHV gasoline


Paying attention to customers' opinions

Rice planting machine that reflects customers' opinions

  • It is really annoying to
    refuel in the middle of
  • When the rice field is wet,
    it is hard to get the plan
    ting machine out of it
  • High oil prices are an
    economic burden
  • I often forget lifting the
    planting part when
  • The season of rice
    planting is short. Fre
    quent minor troubles
    cause a lot of damage
  • I wish I could go
    straight with no need
    to look back to see the
    planted seedlings
  • When planted in
    straight raws, they look
  • I wish I could finish
    planting up fast and
    get some rest

Eat a little but remain energetic

Rice planting machine of better output, fuel efficiency, and worktime
saving with the powerful 22HP Daedong diesel engine

Comparison of torques of domes
tic 6-row diesel rice planning ma

Water-cooled, 3-cylinder, and powerful 22HP diesel engine that features outstanding work performance even in wet fields or rice paddies where a vehicle is likely to get stuck

Comparison of fuel consumption
of domestic 6-row diesel rice plan
ning machines

Excellent fuel efficiency that minimizes eco
nomic burden on farming houses

Comparison of noise of domestic
6-row diesel rice planning ma

Noise and vibration of diesel engines are
minimized; the calmest rice planting machine
among the same-class models

Straight rice arrangement and fast planting

No shaking for straight and fast rice planting

Based on accummulated data from researches of years and in full reflection of experienced farmers, more precise and delicate horizontal control is realized

High planting precision by maintaining the plant
ing point to a certain level in any type of working
80mm wide wheels adopted for outstanding
straightness and pulling performance.
Vibration and shock on bumps absorbed; excel
lent ride quality.

ERP series reduces the working time through the
max. 1.7m/s highspeed planting

Upon turning or going backward, the rice plant
ing part is automatically lifted up to adjust the
movement and work speed

Sound and sturdy with no minor breakdown

Structure, material, and coating from the body to planting section

Based on data accummulated in long-term tests in wet fields, max. 600kg can be borne

ERP production based on the sound power train design

Easy and convenient to use

Functions for an operator's convenience and comfort

Storage space for various items from mobile phone to working tool

High visibility in both day/nighttime; status info display such as ‘rice alarm’, ‘error’, ‘symbol indication’ etc.

Pedal and lever to turn the direction backward and fix the speed

Ergonomical design for smooth manipulation with no slipperiness

Different seat materials for more comfortable and easy operation

Slipperiness around the driver's seat is prevented for easy rice transfer and operator boarding



Classification ERP 60DS ERP 60S
Engine Adopted Title 3C100(Daedong) FD620D(Kawasaki)
Format Water-cooling 3-cylinder diesel engine Water-cooling 2-cylinder OHV gasoline
Max. output/revolution(ps/rpm) 22 / 2,800 19 / 3,600
Displacement (cc) 1,007 617
Fuel consumption (g/kWh) 275 353
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 40 40
Oil hole location Under the seat (higher location of the oil hole) Under the seat (higher location of the oil hole)
Resources Lengthxwidthxheight (mm) 3,200 x 2,200 x 1,675 3,200 x 2,200 x 1,650
Min. ground clearance(mm) 430 405
Weight (kg, no load) 750 680
Body front/back balance (%) 55%(front-wheel) 52%(front-wheel)
Drivetrain No. of transmission steps Forward :2steps , backward:1step non-step HST transmission Forward :2steps , backward:1step non-step HST transmission
Working speed (㎧) 1.7 1.7
Front wheel X rear wheel (mm) 650 X 950 650 X 900
No. of rear wheel lug 11EA, 170 X 100 11EA, 150 X 100
Manipulation section Foot stool width in the middle (mm) 1,800 1,800
Major transmission method (pedal, lever) Pedal + lever Pedal + lever
Location of levers for each row Rear step Rear step
Gauge Method LCD LCD
Symbol type LED LED
Automation Increase upon turning
Increase upon going backward
Monitor-based self diagnosis
Linkage of the vehicle speed and depth of planting
Rice refilling alarm
Work performance Linkage of the vehicle speed and depth of planting 9min. ~ 9min. ~


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000 won (as of Jan. 1, 2015)
  • list for price
Standard Format Price for farmers Price for common people
(Surtex included)
Price Loan
6-row, gasoline ERP60S 19,200 15,360 21,120
ERP60S+balancing device ERP60SZ 20,600 16,480 22,660
ERP60S+side manuring devide ERP60SF 23,200 16,960 25,520
ERP60S+balancing device+side manuring device ERP60SZF 24,600 16,960 27,060
6-row, diesel ERP60DS 21,200 16,960 23,320
ERP60DS+balancing device ERP60DSZ 22,600 16,960 24,860
ERP60DS+side manuring device ERP60DSF 25,200 16,960 27,720
ERP60DS+balancing device+side manuring device ERP60DSZF 26,600 16,960 29,260
Chemical spray device TMD-70A 1,400 1,120 1,540