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  • “Speed Control" makes working easier
    "Threshing Control" makes threshing more thorough
    "Vibrating Discharge" makes discharging cleaner
  • Smart 6-RowCombine with
  • 과수원
  • 비닐하우스
  • 논농사Rice Farming
  • 밭농사
  • 축사


  • DXM110G(C) : 6 type


Quickly Harvest Crops in Any Environment

Reaping unit

Speed Control

When harvesting, the Speed Control detects the load and automatically adjusts the working speed accordingly in order to improve working efficiency

ECO Mode

Keeps the engine's rotation speed on Idle (1300rpm) when harvesting is temporarily halted, and returns to RPM set by the governor (throttle volume) when you resume working in order to prevent unnecessary fuel waste

60 Degree Openable Cabin Side Window

The cabin's side window can be opened and closed by an angle of up to 60 degrees, making straw removal easier while working

Wet Paddy Crawlers

The 58-link, extra wide (550mm) wet paddy
crawlers enhance the vehicle's grip on the ground and
provide exceptional draft force even when working
in wet paddies

Lifting/Lowering of reaping unit

Fitted with a reaping unit lifting/lowering proportional control valve which allows you to smoothly control the height of the reaping unit, making it easier to adjust the reaping unit to the height of the ground

Reaping Blade’sSplit Structure

The reaping blade has been changed from an integral type to a two-part structure in order to allow damaged parts to be replaced separately

One Touch Elevator Cover

The reaping unit's elevator cover is easy to attach and remove, making it simple to service after working

Harvest Every Last Grain

Threshing unit

Auxiliary Conveying Chain

Installed between the reaping unit and threshing unit,
the auxiliary conveying chain enhances threshing
performance by reducing the difference in conveying
speed for crops moving from the reaping unit to the
threshing unit

Adaptive Threshing and Sorting Control

Detects the crop inflow rate and automatically adjusts the blower speed and chaff opening Performs optimal grain sorting without any grain loss

Threshing Cylinder Length of 1,100mm / Separator Length of 800mm

75mm increase in length compared to our 5-rowcombine's separator Wider separator opening spreads grain out for high-efficiency, high-accuracy sorting

High Durability Straw Cutting Blade

Specially heat treated straw cutting blade is used for increased wear resistance Minimal wear even after extended usage ensures quick, clean straw cutting

Increased Threshing Tooth Height

Reduces threshing load when harvesting large amounts of crops

Increased Dust FanSuction Power

Increased dust fan air volume for enhanced sorting performance

Increased Grain Feeding Depth Adjusting Range

Increased range of feeding depth rice transferred to the threshing unit in order to prevent loss of unhulled grain and crops

Fast Discharge without Any Waste

Storage / Discharge

  • 1950ℓ High-Capacity Grain TankFitted with a high-capacity grain tank for
    extended continuous usage which
    improves working in large fields and
    stores up to 45 sacks of harvested grain

  • Vibrating Discharge FunctionThe discharge control plate installed in the grain tank vibrates quickly and discharges grain without leaving any behind

  • Grain Tank Side Inspection WindowInspection window allows you to
    check the amount of grain
    remaining in the grain tank
    Conveniently check for even small
    amounts of remaining grain during

  • Auger Rotation ControlAdjust the 270° rotatable auger's rotation
    speed for precise control
    Prevents negligent accidents to assistant
    workers caused by faulty operating

Tier4 Engine: Less Fuel, More Power





제품모델 dk450 dk450hs,dk500,dk500hs,dk550,dk550hs 의 부위별 엔진부,주행부,본기부,유압/3점부등으로 구분한 스팩리스트
Classification DXM110G(C)
Body HP(㎰)(㎾) 100
Length(mm) 4,980
Width(mm) 2,345
Height (mm) 2,720 / 2,804
Weight(kg) 4,520 / 4,650
Min. ground clearance (mm) 180
Engine Title 854F-E34TAN
Format Vertical water-cooled 4-cylinder stroke diesel engine
Total displacement (cc) 3,387
Max. output (kw/rpm) 75.6/2,500
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 100
Drivetrain Work speed (lane width×standard×traveling) (m/s) 1.67
Transmission type Hydraulic continuously variable transmission
Crawler center distance (mm) 1,200
Cutting device Cutting Row No. 6row
Cutting width (mm) 1,986
Cutting speed change 3-speed elevator
Adaptive crop range (mm) 550~1,300
Adaptability (facing×following)(degree) 70X85
Threshing section Threshing type Underfeed type
Threshing bin diameter×width (mm) 424X1,110
Threshing bin revolution (rpm) 507
Spreading tub, No. 2 Processing tub
Grain Tank Treshed crop delivery system Grain tank
Crop tank capacity (ℓ) 1,950
Automation device Automatic reaping height control, automatic engine stop, horizontal frame control (forward/ backward, left/ right), automatic unloader rotation, unloader discharge location selection, automatic reaping clutch, automatic reaping unit lift function, emergency engine stop, vehicle speed control, thresh separator control, vibrating discharge