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  • Cutting-edge technology,
    and comprehensive functions.
  • Daedong cultivator
    DT100NS pursues the
    best performance ever!


  • DT100NS


Comprehensive basic functions

Power Tiller that designs the future with its technology gratifying five senses

  • Engine

    2-step spray device adopted pow
    erful starter motor of a complete
    water-proof type outstanding
    starting performance even at low
    temp. low fuel consumption, vibra
    tion-proof rubber to minimize

  • Silencer

    A large capacity silencer adopted to
    reduce engine noise significantly
    the silencer is covered for safety.

  • Integral headlight and turn signals

    Turn signals at the left/right sides
    for the driver's safety on the road
    the reflection efficiency of the turn
    signal's reflexive side enhances the
    intesity of illumination at night

  • Turn signal switch

    Upon driving at night, the turn
    switches of the unit and trailer are
    turned on simultaneously by
    means of the switch for conve

  • Plowing drive shaft exten
    sion P.T.O

    The supplmentary P.T.O makes
    possible the use of a broad range
    of working devices.

  • Steering clutch axis exten
    sion P.T.O

    The steering clutch axis is extended
    for power purge no need to modify
    the steering clutch axis when the
    unit is to be used quality problems
    due to use of imitation items are

  • Belt cover

    To prevent negligent accidents,
    high-intensity plastic materials are
    used for a higher level of durability
    and safety shock-absorption is
    outstanding even to prevent
    damage at various temperatures.

  • Fuel filter

    Special designed filtering paper is
    used for the fuel filter to remove
    fine residue or water in fuel and
    enhance the filtering effect.

Various types of work performable

Cultivator capable of various works in combination of working devices

Various working devices

Trailer, Plow, Rotary, Steel-Wheel, Wing Hiller

Cutting-edge technology adopted

Power Tiller with 6 advantages that realize the best performance ever

6 reasons of choosing Daedong
cultivator models


  • Power
  • Daedong cultivator models feature the
    high-performance diesel engine of excellent
    pulling capacity, minimal vibration, and versatil
  • Outstanding work efficiency
  • Powerful pulling capacity with superior output
    that realizs outstanding work efficiency
    dump-type trailer, thorough plowing work with
    no unplowed spot left efficiency for every type
    of field work.
  • Excellent safety
  • Ergonomical principles applied for safety design
    to prevent accidents in various works and to
    keep the process safe.
  • Semi-permanent lifespan
  • Daedong Power Tiller models are designed
    specially in every corner to prevent break
    downs even after a long-term use. Their lifes
    pan is semi-permanent, longer than any other
    Power Tiller models.
  • Reliability
  • Daedong Power Tiller models feature the supe
    rior performance and excellent quality that will
    satisfy every farming house. Prompt follow-up
    service is available anytime near by your local
  • Excellent convenience
  • Easy manipulation of each section so that
    anyone can readily operate the unit comfort
    able and convenient.


Classification DT100NS
Length x Width x Height (cm) 239 x 95 x 147
Engine Title ND10DE
Format Horizontal type water-cooling 4 cycle one-cylinder diesel engine
Combustion chamber format Direct injection type
Total displacement (cc) 673
Continuous rated power (ps/rpm) 10
Max. power (ps/rpm) 13
Fuel Diesel
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 11
Engine oil capacity (ℓ) 2.8
Weight (engine included, kgf) 383
Weight (engine and rotary included, kgf) 469
Longitudinal driving type Side driving type
Major clutch format Disk friction type (dry multiple disks)
Steering clutch format Hook-type side clutch (dog clutch)
Brake format Internal expansion (wet)


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000won (as of Jan. 1, 2015) / List of prices
  • list of prices
Model & Standard Format Price for farmers Price for common people(Surtex included)
Price Loan
Main Body Diesel 10HP (elctricity) DT100N 3,900 2,970 4,290
Rotary (10HP) R60D 670 For package purchase including the main body, 80% of the purchase price(limit: 560,000won) 737
Plow P30S 230 253
Steel wheel W70 140 154
Wing hiller F43 90 99
Trailer TR10B(K)1 1,530 1,220 1,683
  ND10DE Loan and zero tax rate not applicable 1,815