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  • Light-weight, sophisticated design,
    and meticulous basic functions.
  • Versatile, compact
    CK Series tractors ideal
    for orchards
  • Orchard


  • CK2810 : 28hp
  • CK3510/CK3510H : 35hp
  • CK4010/CK4010H : 40hp




A small but powerful tractor that
goes around an orchard.

Designed to be compact

A small but powerful tractor that goes around an orchard

Compact size

Various works in orchards, greenhouses, etc.

Lightweight compared to the size

1 ton, light enough for a long-distance

Compact functions

Subordinate 2-step PTO

Subordinate 2-step PTO for loaded and
special works

Various types of works

Various working devices such as loader, excavator,
rotary (exclusively for 150cm), etc. for versatility

Compact convenience

For convenience in daily maintenance, adopted are
the one-touch hood and both-side lever that
precisely reflect the arm and upper body lengths of
an operator when he is seated.



An entry tractor that features the
meticulous design of basic functions
and easy manipulation.

Cutting-edge environment-friendly
Tier4 engine adopted

An engine of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. that features
a low level of noise and vibration as well as low fuel costs

  • Advantages of Tier4 Engine Tractors 01
  • Pleasant working conditions
  • Low level of smoke, noise, and vibration -
    Minimization of fatigue due to minimized noise
    and vibration
  • Compared to Tier 3 engine, Tier 4 engine is advantageous in terms of smoke reduction
  • Advantages of Tier4 Engine Tractors 02
  • Innovative improvement of
    fuel efficiency
  • Electronic control in operation reduces fuel
    consumption as much as 30%.
  • Compared to CK350, 670,000won saving in 300 hours per year; (diesel 1,400won/L, 8L/h); 20% improvement of yearly fuel efficiency.
  • ECU controlling method of the lowest noise (80dB), vibration (2.5m/s2), and smoke among the same-class products
  • Advantages of Tier4 Engine Tractors 03
  • Realization of the optimal
    operation conditions for each
  • The use of an electronic governor makes it possible to manage fuel consumption rates and torque efficiently and create optimal operation conditions even
    for rough loading

Meticulous composition of basic functions

Orchard tractors that raise the existing standard



Classification CK2810 CK3510/CK3510H CK4010/CK4010H
Engine HP(ps)(kw) 28 35 38
Type Name 3A139LWB-EU 3B183LWM-E1 3B183LWM-E
Engine Output (PS/rpm) 28/2,600 35/2,600 38/2,600
Displacement (cc) 1,393 1,826 1,826
Fuel tank capacity(ℓ) 25 34 34
Drivetrain Gear shift 6FX2R 9FX3R 9FX3R
Front tire (inch) 8.5-12 7-16 7-16
Rear tire (inch) 12-16.5 11.2-24 11.2-24
Dimension length (mm) 2,920 3,260 3,260
width (mm) 1,130 1,400 1,400
Height (mm) 2,490 2,650 2,650
Wheelbase (mm) 1,520 1,670 1,670
Min. ground clearance (mm) 312 340 340
Weight (kg) 1,025 1,215 1,215
PTO PTO type Transmission Live Live
PTO revolution 540/750 540/750 540/750
Hydraulic outlet Rear1 Rear4 Rear4


Daedong Industrial product prices

  • Farmers can buy at discounted, zero tax rates with surtax excluded.
  • You may use a monthly installment plan of a financial institution to buy Daedong Industrial products.
  • Unit: 1,000 won (as of Jan. 1, 2015)
Standard Format Name Prices for Farmers Prices for Common People
(Surtax included)
Prices Loan
28hp   CK2810 17,100 12,330 18,810
Sunshade CK2810S 17,400 12,330 19,140
35hp   CK350 18,700 14,960 20,570
Sunshade CK350S 19,000 15,200 20,900
  CK3510/CK3510H released in March 2015
40hp Sunshade CK4010/CK4010H released in March 2015